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About Us

BEST "This Is Who I Am" album

This album is my introduction to music as an artist, it shows you bits and pieces of who i am and who I once was. it starts with faster tempo music and works its way to some story telling and slower tempo music as well. You can listen to the album from front to back and you're guaranteed to like a lot of the music and love a few tracks.

"Mexican Roots Oakland Raised" documentary

This is a documentary style project I am working on based on my life and how I'm using my experiences to encourage younger generations to find their passion and explore creative careers for themselves. in order to fund this project I'm putting together a kickstarter campaign, Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform in witch you pledge an amount of money for an incentive prize in return. the incentive packages will range from an IG shout out to my album,sticker packages, shirts, a copy of the Documentary, tickets to the premiere and even having your name on the documentary credits. cool thing about it is that if the campaign doesn't reach its goal, the money you pledged doesn't get taken from your account. this is an all or nothing of campaign so if we reach our goal, everybody wins! please look out for more details coming soon.

Neighbors Saving Communities


The Neighbors Saving Communities collective is a group of industrious and progressive individuals who seek to establish a youth based collaborative in Oakland, California. Our goal is to help identify and strengthen our community by sourcing aid from resources within one another. Our name states the objective rather eloquently: neighbors saving neighbors. Drawing upon life experiences and knowledge from one another, we can provide the footwork for a greater tomorrow. 

Recent Work

Being raised in Oakland i know there's not a lot to do for kids and teenagers  so when the bikelife culture became popular, it made me happy.  While a lot of people might look at the Bikelife movement as dangerous and pointless, i see a lot of positive coming out of it. check out this video i put together and enjoy some Oakland Culture.


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